I help small businesses overcome their marketing challenges by balancing three key considerations:

  • Data-driven insights
  • Customer-centric methodology
  • Resource limitations

Data-Driven Insights

Large companies understand that without quality insight, every effort big or small is a shot in the dark. That’s why they invest heavily in data. But you don’t need to have unlimited resources to remove the uncertainty of how and where to invest in marketing. Your small business can benefit from many of the same technologies that large businesses rely on and with the right partner to glean actionable insights from the data, you’ll be able to scale your marketing confidently. On the other hand, just guessing not only puts your immediate investment at risk, but the wrong approach can actually be damaging, leading to a more urgent and often more costly investment later on. Imagine redesigning a website only to lose all search engine rank or cause a reduction in conversion. Unfortunately that’s not uncommon among small businesses. Getting the right data, understanding it and knowing how to apply the insights is a critical component of successful digital marketing and achieving real results.

Customer-Centric Methodology

Before the emergence of lowest-common-denominator mega brands and cookie-cutter strip malls, American consumers patronized small local businesses. The local shop owners engaged in a more personal relationship with their customers and could anticipate their needs, likes and dislikes. Now with technology’s continued impact on how consumers shop and interact with brands, a new kind of personalized experience is enabled. Customer centricity is a way of thinking that focuses on the individual customer to drive strategy and shape communication. Contrary to tactic or channel-based marketing, customer-centric marketing considers the bigger picture, synthesizing insights and focusing on what the customer values in order to drive long-term value to the business. Companies must truly understand their customer’s behaviors, preferences and priorities as they relate to their products in order to deliver the right experience in the right place to the right customer at the right time.

Resource Limitations

Initiating a marketing plan for which a business doesn’t have enough resources to fully execute is analogous to a mountain guide leading an expedition without the proper gear to complete the journey. While not as potentially dire a situation, any marketing initiative that isn’t customized to consider the availability of resources to follow through with it is essentially useless to the business even if the marketer got everything else right. Theoretically there is no limit to what can be done. But every business has its own limitations of resources that can be allocated towards the actual implementation of any marketing effort so success depends on getting this right. My custom marketing services take a practical approach to assessing and developing marketing goals that are sensitive to the capacity of available resources. This way businesses of all sizes are able to obtain results that drive growth and build assets that sustain growth.

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