Hourly Consulting – $95/hr (minimum of 8 hours to be used within 3 months)

Customized hourly consultation is best for businesses that require professional expertise and either aren’t ready for a larger commitment or have a specific, short-term objective. Services include:

  • Professional advisement on branding, market analysis, website redesign, social media and content marketing strategy, data integration and automation, CRM tag strategy, marketing diagnostic tools and resources
  • Staff hiring assistance and/or staff training on WordPress, Shopify, Infusionsoft, Yotpo, blog formatting, social media tools
  • Evaluation and procurement of technology systems for small businesses
  • Google Analytics custom configuration and implementation

Flat Fee Auditing – $1,000 – $3,500 (depending on type and size of audit)

Audits are often a necessary first step to addressing a particular challenge or determining where to best apply limited resources. They help uncover what’s keeping you from reaching your goals, identify opportunities to optimize your efforts and make it easier to prioritize what actions you can take. Every audit includes a list of actionable steps to address the issues identified in the audit that you can either complete yourself or hire me to assist with implementation. Here is the list of audits I can perform:

  • Digital Marketing Audit – A high level investigation into the effectiveness of a company’s digital marketing efforts
  • SEO Audit – An in-depth assessment of a website’s visibility on search engines, keyword strategy and opportunities for improvement
  • Content Marketing Audit – An in-depth assessment of the performance of current content, keyword and distribution strategy, and opportunities for improvement
  • Comprehensive Website Audit – A thorough analysis of the various factors impacting conversion such as design, content and technical obstacles and the prioritization of improvements
  • Paid Advertising Performance Audit – A complete diagnostic of existing paid traffic campaign(s) and the recommended actions to optimize them
  • Web Analytics Audit – A systematic review of the quality of data, implementation and configuration of Google Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an audit?

Your goals, current marketing efforts and challenges and the health of your analytics tools will determine whether an audit makes sense or not. Generally if you’re just starting out with digital marketing, it probably won’t make sense and if you already spend a lot on digital marketing and aren’t happy with the results, I will likely recommend it.

What’s the difference between an audit and an analysis?

An audit typically focuses on a company’s efforts in one particular area of digital marketing and always produces a report that is delivered to the client. An analysis of the company’s current situation and objectives looks beyond any current digital marketing efforts to the position in the market and other factors related to the current state of the business.

I already have a strategy. Why do I need another one?

A well developed strategy is more than a list of generic tactics to employ. Partnering with me will not only get you started with the right approach, but will walk you through it and provide you with continuous insight and direction that is data-driven, customer-focused and practical for your business, goals and resources.

I just need help with SEO. Do you do that?

Isolated marketing tactics don’t drive the kind of results most businesses expect from their efforts. I help my clients reach their marketing and business goals by developing a researched and customized action plan that utilizes any number of digital marketing techniques best suited for their particular situation and that often includes optimization of online assets for search engines.

How much will it cost me to reach my goal?

There are many factors that affect every business’ success, growth and profitability that go beyond marketing and what can even be controlled. As for the cost of working with me, the prices listed above outline my basic fee structure for providing service. The more ambitious your goals are and the more my involvement is required at the implementation level, the higher the monthly cost.

What happens at the end of the 3 month contract?

Three months is just the minimum agreement required to get started. After that you can decide to continue month-to-month or pay a lower monthly fee with a longer term contract.