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Your Growth Depends on It

These days SEO experts, social media marketers and web designers are a dime a dozen and most often offer a generic approach. They may lure you with industry jargon and may even appear to show success at first. But sales have flatlined – or worse, you’re losing business. Why are your efforts failing to produce the desired results? I can help you find out and more importantly, uncover what will drive results.

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Look Past the Vanity Metrics

Likes, followers, pageviews and aggregate traffic numbers provide little insight into the true success of your marketing efforts, despite being the go-to measurements of so many marketers. To see real growth, goals need to align with business objectives and you should have a plan in place for measuring the success of achieving those goals. Do you know what success means for your business?

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Make Sense of Your Spending

Your digital marketing budget doesn’t need to disappear into one big melting pot. Every business owner should know whether money spent is generating more in return, but many aren’t able to determine that. I can help you track how your budget is allocated and attribute success appropriately so you can increase spending on things that are working and stop paying for the things that are not.

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My mission is to provide to small businesses the same level of expertise in digital marketing that is available to big business at a scale that is suitable for their individual business and appropriate for their needs.

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